Venture-Net can supply Fibre Internet through most Fibre Network Providers !!!

Now that the KZN North Coast has been literally saturated with Fibre Service Providers, the attention has moved to the KZN South Coast. Following OpenServe, Frogfoot has been hard at work trenching the pavements of the Hibiscus Coast. More will surely follow and the race is now on to try and reach potential customers. A literal feeding frenzy has developed with companies frantically marketing to try and make their presence known as Internet Resellers. The net effect of all this marketing is that customers are being groomed into believing that Fibre is the ultimate of internet connectivity and that they will receive GUARANTEED speeds with UNINTERRUPTED uptime. In effect, customers are being given a "Perception of Perfection". The last 22 YEARS as an ISP has taught Venture-Net that what the customers are being led to believe may not be as rosy as they are likely to receive. This is NOT to say that fibre is not a good technology and rather that, like with other network mediums, problems can and do happen, often at the most inconvenient times.  Venture-Net understands that customers have waited for a long time for this new technology to become available and that the DSL issues of late have added an element of urgency to their decisions but we advocate caution when choosing your reseller.

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V E N T UR E - N E T's  A D V I C E  IS:


Do NOT Panic.

Do NOT think that you will only have one CHOICE.

Do NOT think you will loose out if you WAIT.

Do NOT think any service is UNCONDITIONAL.

Do NOT rush out and sign a term CONTRACT.

Do NOT get misled by the promises of PERFECTION.

Do NOT get misled by very LOW PRICES.

Do NOT think you are not going to get 1:1 CONTENTION on cheaper packages.

Do NOT think there is NO AUP - ICASA demands certain Acceptable Usage Policies.

Do NOT think that anyone gives anything FREE.

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B E F O R E  Y O U  D E C I D E . . . . . 

Venture-Net started the Internet in Port Shepstone, Kokstad and Matatielle as early as 1994 and has been serving customers on the KZN South Coast districts since then. Experience has taught us that competition is inevitable and that perfection is merely a target which ISP's strive toward but NONE will guarantee. What we know is that soon other fibre operators will be trenching the pavements of the KZN South Coast. What we know is that the other fibre operators will also be damaging water pipes, electrical cables and the like. What we know is that any existing fibre already trenched may well be damaged as the new fibre providers undertake their trenching.

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W H A T  S H O U L D  Y O U  D O ?

Speak to us, we have been doing this for longer than most ISP's have been around !!!!