Say goodbye to unnecessary landline costs and only pay for the calls you make. Venture-Net provides two options:


SIP - This is a VoIP trunk which can be terminated on any VoIP device anywhere in the world or installed onto a VoIP soft phone either on a PC or mobile device. We have tested this solution as far afield as China and, as long as there is connectivity, all is good. The monthly fee is R30 per month and Airtime is topped up either automatically by way of debit order or manually when the customer send a request to support. International calls can be included or excluded.


VBX - This is a flagship “Hosted” PBX VoIP solution :

  • Unlimited extensions priced at R65 per extension;
  • No restriction on the location of extensions - these can be anywhere that there is connectivity;
  • Calls between extensions are FREE;
  • Automatic / Manual time modes;
  • Unlimited call routing profiles
  • IVR Programming to suit most situations
  • Call forwarding, follow me and diver to voicemail.

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6: Set up and start using

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